CareSens Test Strips


The Test Strips used with CareSens meters are unique to CareSens and will not fit other brands of meters.  They use patented technology developed by i-Sens and are designed to facilitate use by diabetics.

You will notice that the strips have a black coloured side and a white coloured side, and a square end and a pointed end.  When using the strips:


  • Insert black side up and square end into slot in meter
  • The pointed end is inserted into the fresh blood droplet you have obtained using a sterile lancet on the side of your finger.


You will notice a small window on the black side of the strip towards the pointed end; when you touch the tip into the blood droplet on your finger the blood will enter the strip and fill up the window; it is important that the window is filled with blood; note the volume of blood required is very small – only 0.5μl (about the size of a pinhead).


Note also that the CareSens test strip must be inserted into the CareSens meter before applying blood to the pointed end. This switches on the meter; a number will come up on the screen of the meter; this must correspond to the code number on the container from which the test strip was taken – it is a calibration process to match the meter electronics with the batch of test strips.

After checking the code number, the meter screen will show a flashing icon of a blood droplet and shows that the meter is ready to be used. You have about two minutes to complete the test.


To learn how to use the CareSens POP meter or the CareSens II meter please click on


In New Zealand, CareSens Test Strips are reimbursed on the pharmaceutical schedule. Each pack of 50 test strips comes with 5 lancets; so each time you get your prescription dispensed you will have new sterile lancets to use.  The lancets when prescribed with the CareSens Test Strips are reimbursed too.  All you will pay is your usual pharmacy dispensing fee.


More details about the CareSens meters can be found by clicking the page relating to your meter:

Diabetes Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems
CareSens Test Strips
Always read the label and follow the instructions provided.

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